All intermediate calculations should be accurate to 5 significant digits. Final solutions may be accurate to 3 significant digits.

After you have entered a solution into an input box, press the 'Mark' button to see whether your solution is correct. If not, you may try the question again.

Enter only numeric values in the input box for each question e.g. if the question asks for the solution in metres, enter the numeric answer for metres without an 'm'

When you have finished the assignment, print out the Print Summary sheet showing your results. Attach your work to the printout and hand the assignment in to your instructor on or before the date specified at the top of the page.

Please log out at the end of each session.

Note: Solutions are not stored from session to session so you will need to re-enter solutions from any previous calculations before printing your assignment. Input values to questions will remain the same for all sessions so you will not have to repeat your calculations.